Global Gov Jam HTX

Design for Public Services

COVID-19 Edition | 6 Hours | November 2020

Cities all over the world come together to create and design ways to innovate and improve on public services. 

About the Jam

The Global GovJam is a weekend focussed on improving public services – any services which are provided by the state, or paid for by our taxes. A wide range of ordinary citizens and innovation specialists Jam to understand and meet the needs of citizens and the people who serve them.


Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the usual format was adjusted to fit a digital platform, which included three 2-hour design sprints.

Role​: Service Designer. Ordinary Citizen.


Tasks: Ideate. Render.     


Team: Sebastian Velasquez, Andres Ruiz, Anastasia S., Susan

Accomplishments / Lessons Learned

Practice a variety of design thinking tools to create a service that provides value and community connection.

Connect with an international team.

Identify a need and conceptualize a vision for a product in a matter of hours.


Global Gov Jam Theme:

"Super – Local - Empathistic – Mega – Multi - Solo"  

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Finding the Opportunity

Our team, Local Heroes, was inspired by Nana who felt isolated and vulnerable after at the start of the Covid-19 crisis. We wanted to provide Nana and others like her with a platform that connects older people with a 'side-kick." This allows seniors to create positive and uplifting connections, receive help on-demand, and be empowered to continue living your best life.

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