Next Generation

VAD Monitor

Mounds View, MN | Medtronic CRHF Project | Summer 2019 - May 2021


My team was tasked to develop a next generation programming and data delivery platform for Medtronic’s HVAD System. This LVAD (left ventricular assist device) system is critical for delivering lifesaving therapy by providing mechanical circulatory support for patients with severe heart failure.  


Design the next generation VAD monitor. Focus on creating a consistent and familiar experience, while also investigating opportunities for improvement.

Role​: UX Designer


Tasks: Ideate. Prototype. Research. Interview.


Team: Stephen Nelson (HFE/UX Lead). 

Lessons Learned

How to write a test protocol and lead usability studies.

How to collect and analyze data in order to inform design decisions. 

How to use Axure RP for complex prototyping.

How to deliver a design spec for software implementation.

Next Generation VAD Monitor Process2.png
Creative Packaging Process Book3.png
Creative Packaging Process Book4.png
Creative Packaging Process Book5.png
Next Generation VAD Monitor Process6.png
Want to know more?

(Non-Disclosure Agreement)

The design work for this project is under an NDA. If you'd like to know more, send me an email and I would happily talk more about my involvement in this project.